National Buyer's Agent Alliance - Welcome to the Real Estate Buyers Agent Home Page!

The Mission of the National Buyer’s Agent Alliance is threefold:

  • Promote Buyer Agency
  • Provide information free to prospective Buyers to help them understand the various aspects of a successful home purchase.
  • Assist people who are interested in purchasing property in the U.S. by identifying and arranging for a Buyer’s Agent who will perform exceptional quality real estate services on behalf of the Buyer.

Buyer Agents Focused On Providing You The Necessary Real Estate Tools

We have designed our website to give potential buyers valuable tools regardless of what type of real estate is being considered for purchase. Our buyer agents strive to make the process of buying real estate as seamless and stress free as possible. Whether you are a first time home buyer, thinking about upgrading your current real estate investment, interested in adding investment properties to your real estate portfolio, or contemplating relocating to another area - the information on our website will help you make a successful real estate purchase.

Qualified Buyer Agents Here To Help You

At The National Buyers Agent Alliance, we believe it is critical you work with a buyer's agent when purchasing real estate. Our buyer's agents will work in companies where the broker/owner and all agents in the office specialize in just working with buyers (Exclusive Buyer Agent companies, or EBAs). To add, companies where the agents have a specialization in primarily working with buyers, but do have listings (traditional real estate companies). Our alliance and buyer agents provide you access to both of these types of agents.

We Are Buyer's Agents Who Represent Your Best Interests

Most real estate agents and companies represent both buyers and sellers within the same company. Obviously, a real estate agent or company cannot represent a Buyer's interests fully, while also representing the seller. As a potential Buyer, our buyer agents will represent your interests. You need a real estate buyer agent who will negotiate hard on your behalf. In addition, you need a real estate buyer agent who focuses on services that benefit buyers. Lastly, you need a real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the things that are important to a buyer. Exclusive buyer agents work solely for buyers, avoiding the conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional seller-oriented purchase transactions. All EBAs who service your area of interest who are members of the National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents will be provided to you, as well as our suggestion of traditional buyer's agents upon your request.

To get started simply click on the "Find a Buyer's Agent" tab and submit our brief form – free. We look forward to helping make your dreams of real estate ownership come true!