Why Use A Buyers Agent

Use Buyer's AgentFor a Real Estate purchase to occur there must be a buyer and a seller.  A real estate agent or agents are involved in most purchases.  Frequently, the agent(s) “representing” the Buyer is with the company “representing” the Seller.  Obviously, the agent cannot represent the Buyer’s interests fully, while also representing the seller.  Even when the agents are from different companies the agent working with the buyer may have listings which cause him/her to focus on selling property.

As a potential Buyer, if you really want your interests represented, an agent who will negotiate hard on your behalf, focuses on services that benefit you, and is knowledgeable about the things that are important to a Buyer, you need a Buyer’s Agent to work with and for you!

What a Buyer’s Agent does for You:

A Buyer’s Agent pledges to work for the Buyer:

  • To seek property that best fits the Buyer’s needs
  • To review pricing policies and trends
  • To help the Buyer analyze and select neighborhoods, schools, driving distances, a closing attorney and so on
  • To negotiate on behalf of the Buyer
  • To provide assistance and guidance with mortgages, insurance, warranties, inspection,and repairs

All with the objective of making the purchase process beneficial to the Buyer.